Getting Your Home Ready for Summer

As the hot and muggy summer months approach, you may be ready to get your home ready for this season. Along with hanging up lined draperies to keep out the hot sun and buying fans to circulate air in the house, you also might inspect your AC to make sure it can be used safely.
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Even if it looks okay to you, you might still want to have it inspected and serviced. With professional inspection, maintenance, and air conditioning repair Fort Myers FL residents like you can look forward to this system working well all summer long.

Preventative Tasks
After sitting dormant all winter long, your AC may have become laden with dust and debris on the outside of its cage. This debris could clog up the filters and prevent it from blowing out cold air once you turn it on this summer. It also can bring in allergens into your home that could cause you and your family to suffer needlessly.

When you call a repair contractor to your home, you can be assured that the unit will be inspected and cleaned thoroughly. The dirt and dust will be sprayed away so it will not get into the vents when you turn on the unit. The cleaning process will also make the system work better this summer.

The contractor can also make sure the unit has enough Freon in it to last all summer. If it is low on Freon, the unit can be refilled immediately. This liquid cools the air that the unit draws in and then blows out into your home.

You may wonder about the timeline for hiring someone to come to your house to service the AC. Contractors tend to get busy as summer gets underway and heats up in May and June. You may want to call now to have your unit inspected and cleaned so you beat the rush.

Your air conditioning system is crucial to how comfortable you stay this summer. You can head off troubles with it not working right by having it inspected, cleaned, and repaired as needed well before summer gets underway.