How to Change the Look of Your Home with a New Roof

If you have been looking for new ways to improve the aesthetic of your home, it might be time to look at a new roof. By working with a roofing company St Louis homeowners have been able to enhance their home significantly.
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Consider the Material
Roofing materials can vary significantly. If you have asphalt shingles, it’s likely the standard within your community. If you plan on maintaining the shingles, consider changing the color. You may find that there is a blue, green, or gray that coordinates with the color of your home. It can provide the “pop” that you are looking for.

Various other materials are available, too. Slate, Spanish tile, and metal are options that are becoming more popular. These offer a longer life for your roof, too.

Change the Slope

You may not have had much say on the slope of your roof when your home was built. However, you can change the slope now that you are getting a completely new roof installed. If you want a higher slope to avoid water puddling in various areas, this is something that you can explore with the roofing company. Let them know you want to change the overall appearance so that they can draft some ideas for you to look over.

Talk with a Professional
Virtually anything is possible when you decide you want to get a new roof. Talk to a roofing contractor to learn the pros and cons of some of the different roofing materials. From there, you can explore the options within the material you choose. You may be able to change the color of your roof, the overall appearance, and much more.

You deserve to have the curb appeal that you desire. Painting your home may help, but changing your roof can be the dramatic change you have been hoping to achieve.