Honoring a Loved One

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The Rough Road
Losing a family member or friend is never easy. You're forced to picture your life ahead without them. It can be a rough and lonely road to lead. However, for some, peace may be found in giving their loved one an honorable service. After you've selected the necessary items like casket or urn as well as the marker for their site, you may want to think about a service in which to remember and honor their life. Where a funeral service is devoted to mourning the deceased and saying goodbye, there is another service available devoted to remembering their life and allowing for the first steps of acceptance and resolution to be taken.

The Memorial Service
When thinking about memorial service ideas La Grange IL, you should consult the experts and professionals at Hitzeman Funeral Home and Cremation Services. They're not just available for funeral and burial services, but they also want to provide you with a service unlike any other. They call it a Memorial Service or Memorial Mass.

This is a celebration or service that takes place after the burial or cremation. There is no body or ashes present. The service itself can either be small in design or be opened for a large population to all join together. The focus, however, is on celebrating the deceased's life. At Hitzeman, they want to provide the space for you whether you choose a small or large gathering. They'll also work with you to order or provide things like flowers, members of the clergy, audio and visual slideshows, some form of musical accompaniest like an organist or bagpiper or another musician, register books, cards, catering, and any special farewell release options you may have in mind like lantern releases.

Hitzeman understands the extraordinary loss that you are feeling. As such, they want to offer you the best services possible, so you can honor your loved one in a way that will help you and others start to heal.