Warmer Weather Ahead: Enjoying Spring and Summer Without Buggy Frustrations

Transitioning from winter to spring means that warmer weather is blossoming around your property. However, other living creatures are enjoying the change too. Biting bugs, including mosquitoes, flourish during these periods. It's time to enjoy spring and summer without the worry surrounding these pests. Learn how to control them right now.
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Enclose With Screens
Fight off those bugs by enclosing a patio area with screens. As a simple and complete solution, screens give you the warm breezes of the season without bugs being able to infiltrate the space. You maintain your view as well.

Divide out half of your patio for the screen while leaving another section open. The back area becomes more versatile as a result of your actions. Consider permanent or temporary screens when you install them. Many styles can be rolled up when they aren't in use.

Decorative Candles
There are specialized candles that can ward off pests, which include mosquitoes. Use several of them around your patio as the day turns to night. The candles add a beautiful aesthetic to the patio, but mosquitoes can't stand the fumes. You're able to enjoy the backyard for many hours as a result.

Try the votive-style candles as a primary way to rid yourself of pests. They can dot nearly every table as a way to cover the area with mosquito protection.

Professional Services
One of the best ways to control pests in your area is by hiring the professionals. They can take care of mosquitoes Staten Island by strategically spraying certain areas around your property. Suggestions can also be offered so that future pest issues aren't as intense.

Once you find a company that you like, consider a yearly contract with them. They'll become familiar with your property and surrounding region, which makes pest control easier than ever before.

Always be aware of what you can do around the home when it comes to pest control. Remove standing water from your property whenever possible, for instance. Bugs will reproduce somewhere else so that your home is free from these pests.