The Benefits of Creating and Building with Plastic

Plastic has become so common that it is easy to take its use for granted. One of the primary benefits of products made with plastic is there sustainability. Another benefit of products made with plastic is that they are versatile.
Plastic has the unique ability to be light and strong at the same time. Because of how flexible plastic is, it can be used to make something that has a soft touch or can be used as something that has a hard touch. There are even sharp objects like knives that have blades that are made completely out of plastic. Many believe that plastic is part of an overall solution to addressing climate change. This idea stems in part from the fact that plastic can be recycled and reused.

Plastic is currently being used to produce a wide range of products that most people do not even realize are created with plastic. For example, many are not familiar with the fact that there are a number of galvanizing tanks that are made from plastic. Another example is the Airbus A380. This is an immense double-decker aircraft. The reason why this aircraft is able to stay aloft and use less fuel than other aircrafts of its size is the fact that 22 percent of the aircraft is made from a lightweight carbon fiber reinforced plastic.

Plastic consumes a lot less energy than most people think. For example, when looking at the world's oil production, the plastic industry only represents four percent of the world’s oil that is used. The rest of the oil is used on things like transportation. When compared to producing paper, metal, or glass, plastic would not be considered energy intensive.

Or think about renewable energies. Without plastic, things like solar panels, wind turbines, and rotors might not be possible. Or if they were possible, they would require a lot more material and consume a lot more energy. Clearly, plastic is a product that should not be taken for granted.