How To Prepare Waterfront Structures for Hurricane Season

Living on the water can be both relaxing and beautiful, but it is important to be prepared in case of big storms and hurricanes. Structures such as boat lifts, docks, and seawalls need to be properly inspected and secured before a storm hits. There are some key items to consider when getting ready for inclement or harmful weather.
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Inspecting Waterfront Structures
Florida marine construction is often hit hard by hurricane season, but the structures are easier to protect when they are up to the standards of local regulations. Bringing in professionals who know what to look for when inspecting waterfront structures is the best way to make sure nothing gets missed. These professionals will look for things like erosion around the seawalls and decking that is loose or unsteady. They will make sure all marine construction is sturdy and safe for use.

Securing Loose Items
Loose items can cause a lot of damage when tossed around by storm winds. If an item can be moved by hand, it should be locked away securely before the storm hits. It is best to secure boats onshore. Floating docks with tall pilings are the safest if a boat is kept outside. A docked boat should be held tightly to the dock by a strong rope. Use rubber bumpers and fenders to protect the boat from being damaged by strong winds.

Taking Inventory and Pictures
If damage occurs, there are a few ways to make the insurance claim process easier and smoother. Rather than relying on memory alone, have an inventory checklist of all items. Make sure to take pictures of the boat and essential structures. All important documents should be stored inside in a safe, dry, easy-to-reach location.

Hurricanes are capable of causing a lot of damage. Being prepared before danger hits can lessen the effect of high winds and strong rain. It is essential to stay calm and collected when dealing with high-stress situations and to prioritize the safety of family over all else. Carefully heed any weather warnings to stay safe during hurricane season.