Do You Know the Signs of a Hidden Water Leak? Keep an Eye Open for These Top 4

Hidden water leaks can cause serious structural problems and lower air quality within your home if they go undetected for long. The costs for repairs increase the longer the problem persists. Even though they are considered "hidden", these leaks do provide some clues to their presence.

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1. An Unusually High Water Bill
This is often one of the first signs you have a water leak. High water usage Jacksonville FL should, at the very least, cause you to evaluate your water usage. If it hasn't changed, you probably have a leak somewhere. It could be within your house or in one of the supply lines connecting it to the meter.

2. Stains on Your Ceiling, Walls or Floors
Common sense would dictate that if stains are appearing on your ceiling, there is a pretty good chance that water is leaking overhead. While it can be an issue with your roof, any spots appearing on lower floors of a house are probably the result of a hidden plumbing leak. Sometimes, the discoloration isn't tied directly to where the leak originates, but rather to a low spot where water is collecting.

3. Mold Under Cabinets or on Walls
When a musty smell or mold is clearly noticeable under your cabinets or on walls, it is usually a sign of excess moisture. Run your hands over any exposed pipes to check for moisture. If you don't feel any, the leak is probably hidden within the walls.

4. Spongy Spots in the Floors
Soft, spongy areas in your flooring are not a natural part of a home aging. If you notice spots that add some spring to your step, they are likely a sign of a hidden water leak. As the water seeps into your subfloor, delamination leads to swelling and a loss of density. This can be a serious hazard as the structural integrity of the floor could become compromised.

Your home is a major investment. Don't let a hidden water leak destroy it. Keep an eye out for some of the most common signs and take action to correct any problems you encounter.