3 Reasons to Install a Fence At Your New Home

You bought into the classic American Dream: A lovely house in a great school district, with a huge yard and a white picket fence. Except something's missing: No white picket fence for you. If you were the lucky buyer of a house without a fence, now is the time to remedy that. Here are just three great reasons why you should call a fencing contractor in Forest Lake IL.

1. To Establish Boundaries

You've just mowed the heck out of your lawn. It's the best-looking yard in the neighborhood. Children should not feel free to use your well-manicured lawn as a shortcut on the way home from school. You are entitled to require no trespassing on your property. The clearest and least confrontational way to establish this boundary is to install a fence around your yard.

2. To Adopt a Dog

Perhaps you don't have a pooch yet, but man eventually does need his best friend. If you imagine yourself wanting a dog in the future, that fence needs to be installed in short order. If your yard is not fenced in, you may not be able to adopt or rescue a pup. Most reputable dog shelters make it a prerequisite for a family to live in a home with a fenced-in yard. If you want to adopt a high-caliber service dog, a fence around your property is non-negotiable.

3. To Keep Your Kids Safe

Even if you don't mind sharing your land with your neighbors and you don't see a dog in your future, you do want to do everything necessary to protect your children. You bought your new home so that your little darlings have a backyard to play in. But what good is that backyard without a fence to keep them safe?

Fence installation may seem like a costly addition to your new home, but it is a worthwhile improvement. It's time to make that white picket fence part of your reality.